Services We Provide

It is very important for any business and even big company premise to have industrial security.Today corporate and the business sector are spending huge sum of money for keeping their premises safe and secured.We arrange and provide safety and security for such industry.
Security of residential premises has seen new heights in recent times.we provide security persons for guarding the residence area, who are ready for quick response in case the sensor's trigger a alarm. These security personals stay at a close proximity where they can efficiently provide their security service, whenever you have need arises.
We provide security survey for any event or for any organization.
Mauli Security also offer their services at private and social event.every event need monitoring.Unwanted gate crashers and drunk hoodlums can create enough chaos to make the event a total disaster. Professional security for an event is as important as an event organizer, they ensure safety and security which are necessary for the success of the event.
A criminal attack against you or your family can take place at any post, as can a fire or other disaster. However, you can influence what happens to you by assuming more responsibility for your own security. In such case we provide reliable highly efficient persons to protect you and your family.
Private investigators now serve as contractors for law enforcement, cyber crime, surveillance and human resource teams. The services they provide are broad ranging, and can include everything from investigations into marital infidelity and missing persons, to the use of computer forensics to solve cases related to financial fraud or exploitation.
character verfication is needed by those seeking jobs abroad, applying for job of security guards or applying for companies linked to the security agencies that insist on getting a character certificate from applicants. Maui security provide man power for such verification process.
Address require verification in case of hiring bank loan or passport verification process or other cases. For such verification we provide suitable person to perfor the task effectively.
Marriage is considered as one of the main decision of a person's life and a totally new person is getting entered in their lives. Mauli Security offer a through professional service that helps in getting the detail information about that person in the form of Pre matrimonial investigation. The information should completely be kept secret.
A bouncer is a type of security guard, employed at venues such as bars, nightclubs, ranches or concerts to provide security, check legal age, to refuse entry for intoxication, aggressive behavior. Bouncers are often required where crowd size, clientele or alcohol consumption may make arguments or fights a possibility,
A bodyguards duty is to ensure the safety of their client. His course of action will include making plans for safety and security, checking and making sure that places that his client will be visiting is safe and secured, keeping track of people the client is going to meet, etc. A bodyguard is well trained in defensive tactics and handling of weapons to ensure that the client doesn't endure any physical harm.
Mauli security provide Ex-men security Guards that are highly reliable and ensure complete safety of the clients. Backed with the skills of army discipline and strategies, these ex-service men provide highly efficient services competently handling emergencies and contingencies.