Terms & Conditions

1. Period of Conditions:

Normally this company would like to undertake long period of contract. Either of the party could terminate the contract, during its pendency by mutual consent, in such event one month notice pay will have to be provided to us. If our services are not satisfactory as per the deployed strength then you can terminate us by giving one month period notice.

2. Working Hours:

The daily tenure of duty of an individual will be of twelve hours duration. In case of sickness or non-availability of guard, due to any reason, the duties will be carried out by the manpower under the supervision of the security supervisor for 24 hrs only in same location. Any additional responsibilities given by the management would be met without affecting the normal security responsibilities.

3. Our Responsibility:

We are fully responsible for the welfare for all deployed security personnel as per deployment in your premised water, Parking, and unauthorized man material Movement are our main moto. We are also liable for all legal liabilities in society, our security always entry with all visitors. Outgoing and incoming entry. Our security personnel will have proper knowledge of lift handling.

4. Billing and payment:

We shall be billing on the 1st day of every month. You shall make payment on or before 7th of every month. And we will give the salary to the Guards at 12th of every month.

5. Stationery:

Torch, Raincoat shall be provided by us.

6. Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Guard the entry /exit gates
  2. Maintenance of visitors register
  3. As your company requirement.

7. Discipline:

  1. We ensure that our guards perform their duties properly with the bona fide behavior and strict observance of security regulations.
  2. We hope and trust that you would find our proposal most fair and reasonable and would happy to entrust the assignment to us.
  3. Given an opportunity to serve in your reputed establishment, we shall make our all sincere endeavors to provide the services to your entire satisfaction.

Looking forward to your favorable response