We have an in house naming, facility. All Personnel are trained in a progressive manner based on syllabus issued under PSA Act, 2005 passed by Government of India.

Training Name Description of Training
Induction Training All guards recruited are given training on drill, fire fighting, First Aid and Challenging procedures.
On the Job Training This petition of training is provided to train and formalize them in unit related security activities.
Special Training Professionals are engaged to train on fire drills, first aid, accident relief measures and other subjects which may need special attention depend on the threat perception.
Refresher Training This is periodically given to all personnel posted to units to brushup security skills and aptitudes.
Advance Training Training is organised to include special requirements of clients and also to address methods to counter new patterns of security breaches.
Mock Drills Mock Drills are organised to rehearse and practice systems to be applied during emergencies.
Innovation Training Training innovate drills to incorporate new techniques and equipments to counteract the perceived new security threats arising out of methods, Procedures and systems that gets adopted to breach security systems by miscreants.