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A Complete Information to Key Phrases for Creating Clever Digital Assistants

Within the ever-evolving world of know-how, it looks like there’s all the time a brand new buzzword or idea to wrap our heads round. From pure language processing to generative AI, it is simple to get misplaced within the jargon. 

Whether or not you are an AI fanatic or a curious learner, this glossary will give you the important understanding of key phrases and ideas wanted to navigate the clever digital assistant (IVA) panorama effortlessly. 

So sit again, chill out, and prepare to discover the thrilling world of IVA know-how!

Key Phrases for Constructing Clever Digital Assistants

Synthetic Intelligence (AI)

Synthetic Intelligence, sometimes called AI, is a exceptional subject of know-how that focuses on creating laptop methods able to imitating human-like intelligence. These superior methods are designed to hold out duties that historically require human skills, akin to making selections, recognizing and understanding speech, translating between totally different languages, and a lot extra.


An API, often known as an Utility Programming Interface, is a strong software that assists builders in establishing software program functions. It consists of a set of definitions, protocols, and instruments that function the elemental constructing blocks for creating packages. 


A time period we use to explain our synonym-based method to pure language processing. It permits IVAs to speak and perceive intent variations proper out of the gate, thus being speech-enabled “routinely”

Automated Message Formatting
The pre-programmed responses for duties constructed into the Kore.ai XO Platform Pure Language (NL) engines.

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) – Our Platform can combine an Automated Speech Recognition Engine to allow bots to course of voice-driven interactions and talk exterior of conventional text-based interfaces.

Kore.ai Bot Builder Software

The Kore.ai XO Platform presents a user-friendly web-based Bot Builder that empowers enterprises to tailor their Clever Digital Assistant (IVA) use instances, channels, duties, safety measures, and far more. With this progressive software, builders can simply design, check, and deploy Digital Assistants (VAs) in a streamlined and environment friendly method. This cohesive framework ensures consistency and scalability for companies of all sizes.

Bot Context
Consumer or job data that’s captured on the bot degree and can be utilized in context with some or the entire customers of that bot.

A channel is one other phrase for any of the assorted communication platforms the place an IVA could be applied akin to SMS, e-mail, cellular apps, web sites, messaging apps, and extra. With the Kore.ai XO Platform, you’ll be able to design IVA duties as soon as after which deploy them throughout channels just by checking a field. It’s also possible to differentiate cross-channel experiences by altering message responses or leveraging channel-specific UI parts, akin to date selectors, carousels, and extra.

Cloud (or Cloud computing)
Web-based computing that gives shared laptop processing assets and information to computer systems and different gadgets, on demand.

Cloud Connector
Gives an agent that runs behind your enterprise firewall and acts as a bridge to facilitate safe information exchanges between on-prem methods and the Kore.ai cloud-based infrastructure.

Element Reusability
The power for builders to make use of elements they’ve already constructed within the Bot Builder, akin to APIs, synonyms, duties, and so on., and apply them to different bots.

Context (see additionally, Bot Context, Enterprise Context, Session Context, Consumer Context)  
The knowledge that an IVA pulls from a dialog with a consumer that may be leveraged when performing duties. Contextual information can fluctuate in significance, utility, and lifespan.

Conversational UI

One other approach of describing textual content and voice-based interfaces, which don’t require graphical parts to be used, akin to Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri.

Cognitive Companies (aka Conversational and Cognitive Companies)

A group of separate APIs, SDKs, and companies (that run on a cloud infrastructure like Azure) that builders can use to construct intelligence into apps and/or to assemble an IVA that may leverage AI capabilities. 

Information retention
The continued storage of a corporation’s information for compliance or enterprise issues.

Deep studying
An space of Machine Studying that’s primarily based on studying information representations versus task-specific algorithms.


The method of publishing an clever digital assistant to a communication channel the place will probably be engaged by customers.

Dialog job

Dialog duties are superior duties that builders design with logic-driven enterprise processes and pre-established workflows. Bots key off the first request intent to perform the duty at hand, then go above and past to execute sub-intents and extra workflows. This fashion, IVAs can deal with complicated multi-turn conversational experiences that replicate the pure back-and-forth exchanges folks have daily.

Dialog Builder
The Dialog Builder offers designers and builders the pliability to govern the complete dialog strategy of a bot interplay and string collectively complicated workflows in a GUI-based software.

E-discovery – Any course of by which digital information is sought, positioned, secured, and searched with the intent of authorized use. The Kore.ai XO Platform helps e-discovery.

– A approach of describing the Kore.ai XO Platform which signifies that it contains all of the part options to take enterprises from the very starting of the IVA improvement course of all through deployment and administration.

Enterprise Analytics
– The central dashboard throughout the Kore.ai XO Platform the place directors can get visibility into key metrics, pull detailed studies, and monitor bot utilization (i.e. variety of executed duties, hottest channels, most lively customers, consumer enrollment, and so on.)

Enterprise Bots Retailer
– A bot retailer that an enterprise units up for a choose group of customers to entry any custom-built bots. The Retailer is the place you’ll find prebuilt bot templates that you should utilize for various enterprise eventualities.

– A approach of describing the entire elements and capabilities of the Kore.ai XO Platform which can be particularly designed to match the best enterprise requirements, together with administration, analytics, safety, compliance, and extra.

Enterprise Context
– Info that represents company-wide guidelines and requirements that apply to all customers and IVAs, akin to an organization journey coverage, or expense limits.

– Entities are the mandatory fields, information, or phrases for an IVA to finish the consumer’s request: be {that a} date, a time, a location, an outline, or any variety of issues. With the required entities in hand, the IVA can attain out to the net service and get the particular information or carry out the motion as per the consumer intent.

For instance, to ebook a flight, the IVA wants the supply and vacation spot metropolis together with the journey date. On this instance, the consumer utterance “E-book me a flight to Orlando for subsequent Sunday”, “Orlando and “subsequent Sunday are entities.

Entity Extraction

That is the method by which the Pure Language (NL) engine identifies phrases from a consumer’s utterance to make sure all out there fields match the duty at hand. If the IVA wants an entity to finish the duty after preliminary extraction, it should immediate the consumer for it.

One of many main information sources an IVA makes use of, together with the Information Graph, to tug data to finish information duties. 


A framework is a construction that gives some primary constructing blocks and generic performance for constructing IVAs (like ML/ NLP or a Dialog Builder), however requires further user-written code or different third-party companies (to match the performance of an precise platform). Frameworks typically are composed of piecemeal elements from totally different distributors.

Elementary Which means
Elementary Which means (FM) is an method to NLP that’s all about understanding phrases themselves. Every consumer utterance is damaged down word-for-word to seek for intent (what the consumer is asking the VA to do) and entities (the mandatory information wanted to finish a job). Be taught extra about this method and the Pure Language (NL) engine.

Graphic Consumer Interface (GUI)
A visible approach of interacting with an app or system, normally consisting of buttons, photos, home windows, icons, menu kinds, and extra.

Info Job

Info duties search for information or pull studies primarily based on particular parameters and rapidly return easy-to-consume outcomes which can be handy for customers. These studies are formatted and arranged primarily based on consumer preferences and relevant filters, that may be downloaded for later use. For instance, an IVA can present a gross sales supervisor with a report detailing the highest 10 gross sales reps final yr by area, organized from most to least gross sales.


A shared boundary throughout which two or extra separate elements of a pc system change data.

Intelligence (see additionally
Platform Intelligence)
All of the capabilities supplied to builders who use the Kore.ai XO Platform to create AI-powered clever digital assistants together with how one can use contextual information, reminiscence, NLP, machine studying (each supervised and unsupervised), sentiment evaluation, and extra.


A couple of important phrases in an utterance that describe what the consumer needs the IVA to do. It’s normally a mix of a verb and a noun. For instance, in “E-book me a flight to Orlando for subsequent Sunday”, the intent is E-book me a flight.

Intent recognition
The method by which the Pure Language (NL) engine analyzes the construction of a consumer’s command to establish every phrase by which means, place, conjugation, capitalization, plurality, and different elements to appropriately match the consumer’s intent to the duty at hand.

Information Job / Information Graph
Information duties take consumer questions and search a predefined set of knowledge to quickly discover the fitting solutions, akin to hours of operation or particular coverage questions.

Stay Agent Handoff
An IVAs capacity to seamlessly take a dialog from any channel and ship it to a human agent. This perform is very helpful for customer support, worker help, and ITSM.

Location Companies
Location companies establish a consumer’s bodily location and can be utilized to construct location-dependent duties for better accuracy.

Logic programming
A sort of programming that’s largely primarily based on formal logic and is the constructing block for complicated IVA dialogs and workflows.

Machine Studying
Utilizing algorithms, patterns, and coaching information, machine studying permits computer systems to seek out hidden insights with out having to be explicitly programmed. Be taught extra about the way in which that Kore.ai makes use of machine studying for pure language enablement.

Clever digital assistants can keep in mind actions, information, and contextual particulars to keep up conversational continuity and take useful actions. The bot developer can designate how lengthy the bot remembers data as both short-term or long-term reminiscence.

Message Dealer
A Kore.ai XO Platform part that consumes all consumer inputs and system outputs and standardizes them for a typical messaging paradigm that redirects to the suitable endpoints.

Message Retailer
A Kore.ai XO Platform part that shops messages between customers, bots, and methods and routinely logs and categorizes message successes and failures.

The Kore.ai XO Platform Middleware comprises the Message Dealer, Message Retailer, and built-in encryption to create a flawless conversational expertise by guaranteeing messages are obtained, secured, and exchanged in real-time.

Cell SDKs
A set of software program improvement instruments that enable builders to create functions for quite a lot of cellular gadgets. Cell SDKs are additionally a supported channel for bots.

Multi-Layer Authentication
A technique of entry management by which the consumer should present a number of separate authentication elements earlier than being granted entry to information. The Kore.ai XO Platform helps multi-layer authentication for bot entry.

Pure Language (NL)
The tactic by which customers can speak to methods in on a regular basis language like textual content and speech, slightly than programming language.

Pure Language Processing (NLP)
The method by which an IVA or some other system understands and processes requests in pure language, slightly than programming language. NLP is often enabled by way of machine studying, however Kore.ai makes use of a multi-engine method which incorporates intent recognition and entity extraction.

NLP permits an IVA to establish the consumer intents; extract helpful data from their utterances and map the info (entities) to the related duties. The Kore.ai XO Platform’s NLP technique contains combining Elementary Which means, Machine Studying, and Information Graph Engines for optimum conversational accuracy. IVAs constructed on the XO Platform can perceive and course of:

  • Multi-sentence messages
  • A number of intents
  • Contextual references
  • Patterns and idiomatic sentences, and extra.

Pure Language Coaching
The processes by which you refine an clever digital assistant’s capacity to grasp and course of pure language requests, and check accordingly. It may be performed by including synonyms to the IVA’s vocabulary by way of the Bot Builder, or by coaching it with full utterances by way of machine studying. You possibly can be taught extra about how one can practice a bot by watching How To Construct an IVA In 5 Minutes.

Pure Language Understanding (NLU)
Pure Language Understanding is a part of Pure Language Processing and refers back to the IVAs capacity to course of consumer utterances, establish their which means, and combine them with current coaching information.

Neural networks
A pc system modeled on the human mind and nervous system.

A node is the place totally different factors of a dialog or workflow intersect. The Dialog Builder has a number of node varieties so builders can information the human-to-bot dialog in numerous instructions utilizing intent nodes, service nodes, message nodes, affirmation nodes, webhook nodes, and JavaScript nodes. Be taught extra about how you should utilize nodes to construct extra complicated and free-flowing IVA dialogs.

Omni-Channel (deployment)
The method of constructing one IVA that’s “channel agnostic” (which means the bot could be applied in any channel), and deploying it to the communication channels of your selection. Omni-channel bots could be accessed in a couple of place and might carry dialog context throughout channels.

Patterns are phrase mixtures that point out a sure intent or entity.

Pause and Resume
An method for conditions when an IVA receives a job request whereas within the strategy of finishing an preliminary request. The bot can then pause one request, full the extra quick job, and circle again to renew the request it beforehand placed on maintain.

Platform Structure
A visible descriptor of the varied Platform options and the way they work together with each other.

The stage after proof-of-concept the place an IVA’s duties are printed and the bot is deployed to a choose group of customers for testing.

Proof-of-Idea (POC) – The stage the place IVA use instances are decided and duties are constructed to show the viability of preliminary use instances.

Public Bots Retailer
A bot retailer that an enterprise units up with {custom} bots that may be made out there for public customers, versus an enterprise bot retailer which solely makes bots out there to a choose group of enterprise customers.

Response Formatting
The method by which a developer customizes the responses a bot will give throughout an interplay. Responses could be formatted to be pure language solely, or embrace GUI parts akin to buttons, kinds, photos, and so on.

Robotic Processing Automation (RPA)
A software for automating handbook, time-consuming, complicated, rule-based workflows and capabilities for back-end IT administrative work. 

Sentiment Evaluation
Past finishing duties, IVAs constructed on the Kore.ai XO Platform can perceive a consumer’s temper all through a dialog. Our NLP engine scores sentiment primarily based on connotation, phrase placement, and modifiers. Builders can use these scores to set off {custom} flows to enhance bot-to-user communication or herald human brokers as wanted.

Service Name
Service calls are used to make API requests to third-party net companies to push, pull, or manipulate information. The net service unpacks the request and converts it to a command that the appliance or system can perceive with the intention to full the duty or return the wanted information. The platform then receives that message and unpacks it with the intention to receive the outcomes of the request. The XO Platform helps the usage of API companies to make REST, SOAP, or ODATA requests.

The time frame from when a consumer engages a bot till they disengage.

Session context
Info specified by a consumer that’s the main context for a bot to remember throughout a session.

Software program Growth Equipment (additionally see Cell SDK, Internet SDK)
Instruments or assets that assist builders create web sites and apps and customise parts of the UI.

A main function throughout the Kore.ai XO Platform that enables builders to visualise and handle the IVA design course of via FAQs, Dialog Duties, and Mock Dialog Scenes.

Structured Information
Info with a excessive diploma of group that’s simply searchable when positioned in a database.

Supervised Studying for Pure Language (NL)
By means of the Bot Builder software, builders and admins can help supervised studying and consider all interplay logs, simply change NL settings for failed eventualities, and use the learnings to retrain the bot for higher conversations. Builders may also leverage chat logs to construct predictive fashions and use the outcomes to additional outline further proactive alerts, recommended actions, or automated workflows.

Builders have enter variables (X) and an output variable (Y) and use an algorithm to be taught the mapping perform from the enter to the output Y=f(X). Right here, the IVA developer acts as a instructor and has nearly full management over what the IVA learns. Which means the algorithm makes predictions primarily based on the coaching information supplied. The IVA creator or developer can manually right these predictions by flagging the findings as right or incorrect. For the reason that IVA builder already is aware of what the IVA ought to perceive, studying could be stopped as quickly because the developer decides or when the mannequin reaches a suitable degree of efficiency and maturity.

The various kinds of easy and complicated “jobs” a developer designates the IVA to carry out. An clever digital assistant can carry out 5 sorts of duties: alerts, actions, data, information, and dialog duties.

For instance, for an clever digital journey agent, job names are to ebook tickets, discover accommodations, present climate forecasts, and so on. that cater to totally different consumer intents. As soon as the IVA understands the intent, it is able to carry out a job, akin to reaching out to an internet service, extracting the present climate circumstances report, parsing that response, after which delivering the info to the consumer.

The step-by-step processes of testing request chaining, intent and sub-intent recognition, entity extraction, dialog flows, and extra.

Coaching Information
The quantity of information, normally within the type of utterances, that’s fed to a bot with the intention to practice it for the aim of figuring out intents and entities, in order that the IVA could full the duties required by customers.

Use Case
The assorted methods IVAs could be utilized for worker and customer-facing duties. Take a look at our High 30 outlined use instances for chatbots.

Consumer Context
Particular person consumer data or preferences that may be shared by all enterprise bots the consumer will work together with, for instance, a house handle, cost data, and so on.

Consumer Expertise (UX)
The general expertise of an individual utilizing a product, like a web site or cellular software. It’s normally gauged by how simple or gratifying one thing is to make use of.

Consumer Interface (UI)
The means by which the consumer and a pc system work together.

Common Bot
A bot that has the facility to speak with different bots to finish duties on its behalf.

Unstructured Information
Unstructured information and paperwork, on this occasion, seek advice from sources which can be sometimes text-heavy and free-flowing. Such paperwork or information can nonetheless comprise dates, numbers, and details, however they lack a pre-defined information mannequin or construction and general consistency. The XO Platform helps semantic search towards unstructured information and the coaching of bots from unstructured paperwork.

Unsupervised studying for Pure Studying (NL)
Unsupervised studying for NL could be utilized to develop the language capabilities of your VA, with out human intervention. Not like unsupervised fashions by which IVAs be taught from any enter, good or unhealthy, the Kore.ai XO Platform permits IVAs to routinely enhance their vocabulary solely when the IVA efficiently acknowledges the intent and extracts the entities of a human’s request to finish a job.

Something {that a} consumer says to the IVA is an utterance. For instance, if the consumer varieties E-book me a flight to Orlando for subsequent Sunday, the complete sentence is taken into account because the consumer’s utterance.

Worth Added Reseller (VAR)
A price-added reseller presents third-party software program and {hardware} to the top consumer at a markup, together with some mixture of procurement consulting, configuration, and customization companies. They generate revenues via a mix of flat-rate charges per license, and billable hours, however their engagement is finite.

Variables, Context, and Session Information
When builders create and outline duties, they’ll entry the next:

  • Session variables supplied by the XO Platform.
  • Customized variables that they outline.
  • The context that defines the scope of the variable.

For instance, some API requests require you to set session variables earlier than executing the duty, or a dialog job part must entry a session variable to transit to the subsequent node. Dialog duties may also entry the context object with further system variables. These session and context variables help you persist and retailer information.

For instance, a consumer’s house handle for e-commerce, transportation, and residential delivery-focused companies is utilized by the IVA when executing a job. The XO Platform helps session variables which can be used when defining duties in sections utilizing JavaScript. Session variables rely on the context or scope by which they’re used. For instance, enterprise-level, IVA-level, user-level, and session-level.

Internet SDK
A software program improvement package that enables builders to customise web sites, additionally a supported channel for bots.

Profitable Intent
When the IVA receives a consumer utterance, it should try and detect potential intents, after which rating them by the chance that they characterize what the consumer needs. The intent that scores the best is the one which the IVA responds to and known as a Profitable Intent.

Wish to Be taught Extra?

We’re right here to help your studying journey. Able to tackle bot constructing however unsure the place to begin? Be taught conversational AI abilities and get licensed on the Kore.ai Expertise Optimization (XO) Platform.

As a pacesetter in conversational AI platforms and options, Kore.ai helps enterprises automate entrance and back-office enterprise interactions to ship extraordinary experiences for his or her clients, brokers, and workers.

Try the Kore.ai XO Platform

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