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VR Cub buying and selling technique – Buying and selling Methods – 11 September 2023

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VR Cub is an indicator for getting high-quality entry factors. The indicator was developed to facilitate mathematical calculations and simplify the seek for entry factors right into a place. The buying and selling technique for which the indicator was written has been proving its effectiveness for a few years. The simplicity of the buying and selling technique is its nice benefit, which permits even novice merchants to efficiently commerce with it. VR Cub calculates place opening factors and Take Revenue and Cease Loss goal ranges, which considerably will increase effectivity and ease of use. Take a look at the screenshots of buying and selling utilizing the technique under to grasp the straightforward guidelines of buying and selling.

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Guidelines for calculating entry factors

Opening a place

To calculate the entry level you should stretch the VR Cub software from the final excessive to the final low.

If the primary level is earlier in time than the second, the dealer waits for the bar to shut above the center line.

If the primary level is later in time than the second, the dealer waits for the bar to shut under the center line.

A place is opened strictly after bar closes, in line with the circumstances described above.

In different phrases, if we’re buying and selling on an hourly chart, then the time distance from the utmost to the minimal should be greater than 24 hours, the variety of factors between the utmost and minimal should be higher than or equal to the typical value motion per day.

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Sustaining and modifying market positions

There may be a number of open positions; every place is modified individually.

The VR Cub software calculates advisable Cease Loss and Take Revenue ranges.

You possibly can set advisable ranges or switch positions to a no-loss place.

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Closing positions

Positions may be closed on the established Cease Loss and Take Revenue ranges.

Closing may also be at no loss or Trailing Cease.

You need to use your individual choices for closing positions, for instance with a third-party buying and selling robotic.

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Suggestions for working with the VR Cub buying and selling technique

Commerce strictly within the path of the day by day pattern.

If attainable, transfer Cease Loss to the no-loss zone. Attempt to maintain worthwhile positions for so long as attainable utilizing the Trailing Cease terminal features.

Use a Time Body of not less than an hour. The older the Time Body, the higher the probability of success.

Use your indicators moreover to extend your probabilities of success.

The variety of bars between factors when stretching the software ought to be greater than 24.

The dimensions from the minimal to the utmost of the prolonged instrument should be higher than the typical value motion for the day.

The higher you comply with the principles of a buying and selling technique, the higher the probability of success.

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Buying and selling technique settings

  • < — I — > – Deviation of cease ranges
    • Share of deviation for Take Revenue – Share of deviation for Take Revenue
    • Deviation share for Cease Loss – Deviation share for Cease Loss
  • < — II — > – Textual content dimension
  • < — III — > – Take Revenue Settings
  • < — IV — > – Cease Loss settings
  • < — V — > – Purchase settings
  • < — VI — > – Promote settings
  • < — VII — > – Notification settings
    • Push – notification to a smartphone
    • Alert – notification within the terminal
    • Mail – electronic mail notification

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